KSS brings the best of POS system capabilities custom designed for cannabis sales. our POS systems allow for both recreational and medicinal sales allowing for any location to operate with ease.

  • Discounts/coupon system
  • Point of Sale for Cannabis
  • Customer tracking and rewards
  • Basic Point of Sale reporting and Analytics (single location)
  • Product Tracking and management
  • Product intake and order management
  • Analytics for sales trending
  • Label making and management

KSS Multi-Store Manager is for complete company wide management of multiple locations allowing for any number of retail stores to combine information into one Corporate view. Ensure your company growth and management is seamless with Mutli-Store Manager.

KSS Multi-Store Manager offers:

  • Full reporting from Financial accounting system reported to from every location install connected to the company.
  • Full inventory visibility for any connected locations
  • Full asset visibility for any connected locations
  • Project manager system for complete operations management
    • Documents & approval processes
    • Email integrated
    • Template ability for recurring project types
    • In project discussion management
    • Deadlines & Calendar system
    • Teams and task assignments
    • Client Dashboards for outside stakeholders
    • Task Manager for all users