Kaleidoscope Software & Services offers a full range of solutions for everything you need to work in the Cannabis industry. For Processors our systems offer a complete solution enabling total visibility and supporting all of the production process. During the setup process we help you analyze your process to ensure that you have everything automated and tracked for complete company coverage.

Track stock quickly and efficiently. Create serialized items or kits and bill of materials.
Manage inventory at multiple locations, pick list to pull stock and create packing list. Track cost per item to calculate profitability per item.

Other features:

  • Kits, Serialized items
  • Bill of Materials
    • Assembly of finished goods from any inventory items
    • Dissasembly of finished goods into component pieces
  • Set up re-order levels
  • Pricing matrix
  • Bins
  • Material transfers
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • RMA / Purchase returns
  • Associate spare and accessories
  • Track by groups and categories

Inventory Features:

  • Inventory quantity tracking
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Create inventory items ‘on the fly’ from transaction entry screens
  • Select standard or (weighted) average costing
  • Item serialization control
  • Multiple pricing and discount levels with quantity tiers
  • ‘Soft’ allocation of inventory items
  • Reorder point and minimum order quantity
  • Inventory adjustments for quantity and cost
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with one click Shipping Document and Debit Memo
  • Inventory handling for multiple locations with transfer capability
  • Kitting and de-kitting of inventory and service items with automatic cost calculation
  • Automatic notification to Buyers of items at reorder levels and pending requisitions
  • Inventory item specifications/quality clauses/inspection instructions
  • Authorized vendors for all inventory items
  • Look at data content in inventory master file

Make tracking expenses easy. Ensure timely payments. Track bills to match Purchase Orders to Vendor Bills and confirm receipt of  goods. Use our check writing features to cut a single check quickly or use our multi check feature to cut several checks at once.

Other features:

  • Track expenses to projects
  • Set up recurring expenses
  • Track Employee Expense reports and approvals
  • Flag expenses as billable to a project or customer.
  • Scan and attach source documents and copies of vendor invoices
  • Early payment discounts
  • User-defined periods for aging
  • Record and track credit card purchases
  • Payment and/or purchase hold
  • Prepayments without invoice
  • Auto or manual application of payment
  • Advance payment

From order to shipment and delivery, KSS helps you track your orders and inventory.

Purchasing Features:

  • Convert Inventory Requisitions to Purchase Orders at the click of a button
  • Create and track purchase orders for inventory and service items for multiple locations
  • Unlimited notes/specifications at line item level with data feed to inventory and sales management
  • Warning when establish credit limit with supplier is exceeded
  • Purchase request authorization includes digital signature if desired
  • Vendor price list management
  • Electronic submission of Purchase orders to vendors
  • Make and track prepayments without vendors’ invoices
  • Make and track advance payments with automatic application to invoices
  • Backorder visibility
  • Item association to multiple vendors

Accounting Payables:

  • User-defined ageing parameters for accounts payable
  • Multiple accounts payable control accounts availability
  • Batch check printing
  • Voided Check ‘reversal’ with automatic accounting entries and reinstatement of payment details
  • Multiple payment capability – Checks, Wire Transfers and Credit Cards
  • Record and tracks credit card purchases
  • Define payment and/or place purchase order on hold
  • Make and track prepayments without vendors’ invoices
  • Make and track advance payments with automatic application to invoices
  • Automatic of manual selection of invoices for payments
  • Debit Memo for returns, shortages, damage and other reasons
  • Early payment discounts with Vendor Discount Analysis
  • 1099 vendor reporting
  • Miscellaneous bill creation and payment

Accounting Receivables:

  • Single click creation of invoices from packing slips (shipping documents)
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses
  • Complete sales tax rules engine, with State, County, City and Zip Code demarcation tax rates
  • Customer sales tax exemptions and exceptions
  • Credit memo for sales returns or other issues
  • Returned checks processing
  • Automated freight charge calculations
  • Payments in advance processing and automatic applications at time of invoicing
  • Multiple General Ledger control accounts may be employed
  • Accounts receivable statements and lists with user defined aging rules
  • Unpaid invoices and collection analysis

Accounting General Ledger:

  • Seamless integration and automatic posting of entries from any module
  • Immediate and deferred posting of journal entries
  • Industry centric/user defined account numbers from 4 to 24 digits
  • Bank reconciliation assistance
  • General Ledger reporting at detail level traceable to individual transactions
  • Unlimited number of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts
  • Custom grouping of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts