Our Team

Stanley Johnson, President

12 years experience in the cannabis industry

3.5 years CEO

6 cannabis Retail Stores

3 medical gardens

Ron Tate, CEO

20 years experience in corporate management,operations,  and sales.
President of Kaleidoscope Media Systems since 2010

Christian Pang, VP of Marketing & Branding

10 year’s experience in the cannabis industry 4 year’s head of Purchaser and Marketing 3 year’s General Manger 5 medical marijuana stores

Tatyana Grib, SVP

Over 20 years experience in business management, operations, marketing, branding, sales, and services Served as COO of Kaleidoscope Media Systems Managed over 200 business clients

Queen Avaava, VP of Operations

Over a decade experience in the cannabis industry 7 year’s General Manger Marijuana Retail stores 2 year’s Chief Operation officers 3 retail stores

Jeremiah Ocasio, Director of Technology

Over 17 years of experience in Information Technology field.
Served as CTO of Kaleidoscope Media Systems
Experience Developing database design, system design, and UX